Cutting edge technology 5G New Radio Modem

5.5 GigaBytes Download speed and 3 GygaBytes upload speed

Real 5G performance NR Sub-6 and mmWave

Galileo,Glonass,GPS,Beidou (L1,L5)

Compatible with most 5G Operators


✽ Frequency Bands:

Sub6: n1,n2,n3,n4,n7,n8,n12,n20,n25,n28,
mmWave: n257,n258,n260,n261.

✽ Interfaces:

    USB 3.1

    PCIe Generation 3.

✽ Software: Win10, Linux, AndroidRIL

✽ Data Speed:

    5.5 Gbps Download.

    3 Gbps Upload.

✽ Location: Galileo, Glonnas, GPS, Beidou (Bands L1-L5).

✽ Reliable: Built with top quality parts manufactured in the United States and Europe.


The 5G Data Modem is a real revolution in the field of connectivity, featuring all the advantages promised by the 5G New Radio.

This 5G modem product presents multiple applications:

    - Industrial Predictive Maintenance
    - Telemedicine
    - Corporate Private 5G networks
    - Enhanced top connectivity in Rural Areas
    - 5G Private Operators
    - Mission Critical telemetry
    - VT, AR and real-time Media applications

This 5G Data Modem forwards data at 3 GygaByte/s, and downloads data at 5.5 Gygabyte/s speeds to cloud servers connected to the Internet.


Sensor Network

The 5G data Modem allows the installation of hundreds of time-series sensors in real-time to an on-the-cloud-server.


Power: 5 Volts

Upload Speed: 3 GygaBytes/s

Download Speed: 5.5 GygaBytes/s

Frequency Range: Sub6:n1,n2,n3,n4,n7,n8,n12,n20,n25,n28,

mmWave: n257,n258,n260,n261

Output: USB 3.1 /PCIe Generation 3

Connectivity: 5G Network


Dimensions: 120 x120 x 50 mm

Weight: <0.5 Kg

Physical: ABS plastic enclosure

Storage Temperature: -40 C / 95C

Mission Critical

Ready for Sensitive tasks

Industry 4.0

Real-time data forwarding

Premium design

Cutting edge technology


Small footprint. Installed anywhere

Real Time

True Real Time. No sampling


Software Development Kit

Build blazing fast real-time connectivity applications

5G is a revolution for real-time Wideband, low latency connectivity applications development



Real-time Monitoring




5G Connectivity Modem Versions

We design and build several versions of this Modem. Please ask if you are not finding the best to match your application
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    Differential bus output is immune to noise. Daisy chain easy connection with snap on splash proof connector

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    High Sensitivity

    Pressure wave special transducer for high senstivity is immune to acceleration. Ideal for Robotics

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