Static Lubricant
Condition Monitoring

One of the best tools for health condition machinery industrial preventive maintenance

Cutting costs and saving resources in unnecessary lubricant replacement


The SLA 106 is a lubricant condition particle counting monitoring sensor.

One of the best tools for condition-based machinery preventive maintenance. A powerful neodymium magnet attracts the worn particles.

Our sensor reads the concentration of the large and small particles separately, a great help to know the type of wear in progress.

The sensor is secured by replacing the plug oil drain and screw in place.

Our Mesh network allows the installation of hundreds of sensors that report to a single Gateway.



Measurement of large and small contamination particles according to the SAE standard

Very effective

Detects the degradation of the reducing gear before a failure happens


The sensor is programmable and threshold alarm levels can be created


Does not require oil recirculation pump. It works in both static and circulation circuits

Easy to use

Forwards data through an industrial wireless system or serial port

Easy to install

Just replace the reservoir plug oil drain reliable


Use top quality parts manufactured in the United States and Europe


Physical variables:

- Large Particles
- Small Particles
- Lubricant temperature

Power: Data bus/ 5 Volts
Reading: 1 Sample/Minute/Hour/Day
Output: Digital in the desired format
Connectivity: Network connection
Wireless: ISTM sub GHz or wired Serial
Range: 2 Miles with standard antennas
Security: Double encryption
Dimensions: 50 x 28 x 20 mm
Weight: <0.5 Kg/ 1 Lb
Environmental: IP 67, resistant to harsh environments
Enclosure: Corrosion resistant metal
Storage temperature: -40 C / 95 C



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