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Our primary focus is to provide cost-effective Smart Sensors, Connectivity products and Data analysis server solutions to Industry, Transportation and Aerospace
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Acoustic Energy Sensors

Ultrasound waves are created when material stress happens. Ultrasound wideband spectrum analysis provides the earliest failure warning. Used for robotics, rotating machinery, infrastructure, the applications are endless.

Vibration Smart Sensors

Vibration is the most important variable to be monitored in many industrial assets. Machinery vibrates before failure most of the times. Our sensors perform propietary FFT vibration analysis, extracting only the relevant information.

Thermal Smart Sensors

Monitoring temperatures without latency or thermal mass issues in real-time delivers a lot of useful data. Our non-contact sensors deliver precise 100 temperature samples/sec, perfect for sensor fusion condition monitoring projects.

Lubrication Smart Sensors

Lack of lubrication and lubricant contamination is the culprit of many failures. Our Sensors monitor the contamination in real-time providing a great tool to predict failure in gearboxes, engines and more.

Current Smart Sensor

Current monitoring is great tool for predictive maintence only if used in combination with other sensors and monitored in real-time. Our Current non-intrusive sensors measure AC or DC loads up to 1000 Amps and beyond.

Voltage Smart Sensors

Voltage monitoring is useful to predict failure on the power supply side of the production line. Our Sensors provide real-time monitoring up to 1000 samples/sec to detect even the smallest micro-outages and spikes that cause most of the failures.

Inertial Smart Sensors

Alteria’s IMU is an advanced sensor fusion platform that delivers 10 variables in real time to rates up to 2000 samples/Sec. It has many applications in a wide range of industries such as transportation and aerospace.

Corrosion Smart Sensors

Corrosion is a major concern in metallic infrastructure. Detecting corrosion rate before the damage is done, saves precious resources to a wide variety of industries and governments. Our sensor delivers cumulative corrosion rates.

IR Image Smart Sensors

This sensor is not a camera. Provides close to a 1000 pixel resolution thermal image in real-time at 8 frames/sec. Our proprietary algorithm provides a dataset that is compatible with Non-SQL Databases, ideal for Predictive Maintenace.

Environmental Sensors

We have created an advanced environmental multisensor platform that measures in real-time various parameters such as temperature, humidity, dew point, Barometer and VOC levels. It can be conbined with other sensors.

Gas Smart Sensors

Our gas sensors provide real-time measures of the most important gases, CO2, Ozone, CO, Methane, Benzene. Call us to discuus your aplication as this sensor can also measure several gases at the same time in various configurations.

Air Quality Smart Sensors

Air Quality is a major concern in polluted cities and industries. Our sensor works with Laser light to detect fine particles on the air in real-time, delivering PPM measures in different particles sizes. We also use this sensor as a smoke detector.


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This is how to start implementing Industrial I.o.T. in your Company
  • 1

    Proof Of Concept and target definition

    Industrial I.o.T. is a revolutionary technology that is changing how we work. We recommend starting with a P.o.C. to demonstrate how our technology can help.

  • 2

    Project development process and integration

    After the P.o.C. is complete, the evaluation of the data gathered will help to redefine specific targets such as process optimization or predictive maintenance models.

  • 3

    Roll-out an full implementation

    The third step is the full implementation of I.o.T. technology. Gathering and analyzing data for a few months will deliver results and the creation of models to improve the process.



The scratches on the metal sheet can be detected with Acoustic Energy sensors. The production line can then be stopped and checked to resolve the issue before the whole batch is wasted.

Steel Galvanizing Plant

Scratch detection

Vibration sensor: Now the Laser has a trigger exception and can not be fired if the mannequin is not steady. If vibration is detected at the mannequin the Laser process is interrupted.

Textile Laser Processing

Vibration detection

By using lubricant sensors the real condition of the lubricant is monitored in real time. Lubricant is changed only when needed, saving environmental and monetary resources to the operation.

Wind generators maintenance

Gear box service

To reduce the production stoppage to a minimum, different sensors were attached to each D.O.F. axis. In addition, the robot electronic controller data is also being read and data is reported in time sync.

Automotive Plant

Robot predictive maintenance