Introducing our best smart sensor recommendations for industrial monitoring

Acoustic Energy Sensors

The earliest warning!
Ultrasound waves are created when material stress happens. Ultrasound wideband spectrum analysis provides the earliest failure warning. Used for robotics, rotating machinery, infrastructure, the applications are endless.

Lubrication Sensors

Keep your gears in shape!
Lack of lubrication and lubricant contamination is the culprit of many failures. Our Sensors monitor the contamination in real-time providing a great tool to predict failure in gearboxes, engines and more.

Vibration Sensors

A must!
Vibration is the most important variable to be monitored in many industrial assets. Machinery vibrates before failure most of the times. Our sensors perform proprietary FFT vibration analysis, extracting only the relevant information.

Current Draw Sensors

Monitor your power!
Current monitoring is a great tool for predictive maintenance only if used in combination with other sensors and monitored in real-time. Our Current non-intrusive sensors measure AC or DC loads up to 1000 Amps and beyond.

Thermal Image Sensors

Beyond the Ir cameras!
Provides close to a 1000 pixel resolution thermal image in real-time at 8 frames/sec. Our proprietary algorithm provides a dataset that is compatible with Non-SQL Databases, ideal for the creation of Predictive Maintenace models.

Voltage Sensors

Monitor electrical failure!
Voltage monitoring is useful to predict failure on the power supply side of the production line. Our Sensors provide real-time monitoring up to 1000 samples/sec to detect even the smallest micro-outages and spikes.