Acoustic Energy
Ultrasound Sensor

The best tool for Industrial Predictive Maintenance

Earliest failure warning

Thousands of applications throughout industry


The UD 103 is a real revolution in the field of predictive maintenance, using patent pending technology by ALTERIA. The analysis of acoustic energy is a very powerful tool to analyze the condition of machinery across many industries and infrastructure as:

  • Power distribution and high voltage
  • Pneumatic machinery
  • Rotating machinery
  • Power electronics, VFD drives
  • Aerospace: pressurization leaks
  • Gearbox and bearing maintenace

The UD 103 is smart sensor that forwards simplified pre-processed data such as the frequency of each acustoc energy peak, the bandwidth, amplitude, background noise etc, in order to save on resources in connectivity and data postprocessing on the server side.


Very effective

Detects the internal material stress , producing the earliest warning before the failure happens


Ambient noise and vibration do not affect the ultrasonic readings


Featuring ALTERIA's embedded pre-processing technology. Saving 93% of the data payload at the output

Easy to use

Forwards data through an industrial wireless system or serial port


No installation. Just secure the sensor with adhesive to the machinery


Built with top quality parts manufactured in the United States and Europe


Physical variables:

- Ultrasound frequencies
- Amplitude
- Bandwidth
- Background noise

Power: Data Bus. 5 Volts
Sampling: 200,000 Samples/Sec
Pre-processing: Algorithm FFT
Frequency range: 15,000 to 96,000 Hz
Output: Pre-processed Digital
Connectivity: Network
Wireless: ISMT Sub GHz or Serial
Range: 2 Miles with standard antennas
Security: Double encryption
Dimensions: 70 x 50 x 20 mm
Weight: < 0.5 Kg
Environmental: IP 67, harsh environment resistant
Enclosure: ABS plastic enclosure
Storage temperature: -40 C/ 95C



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