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    Smart Sensors

    Smart sensors are different from plain sensors or transducers in that smart sensors are advanced platforms with onboard technologies, like pre-processing, intermediate storage, diagnostics, smart connectivity and some other features that transform traditional analog signals into true digital insights.

    What is unique and more relevant to the smart sensor concept is the pre-processing capability at the sensor edge.

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    Embedded Edge

    Newly developed Embedded computing capabilities and lower power consumption have strengthened substantially over the last years, thereby enabling data pre-processing and analysis at or near the source or ”edge”.

    “Edge Computing” or “Embedded edge” is here to stay and is the next great milestone towards reducing the amount of data, while greatly improving the data quality, that is forwarded between the sensor and the analysis platform.

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    Sensor Fusion

    Sensor Fusion is a combination of technologies that allows to fit multiple different sensors in the same asset. Data from these sensors is then analyzed with in time synchronization in order to detect small degradation patterns over time.

    Digital Twin definition: “creating a virtual model from the point of view of its physical parameters. This virtual model -a digital twin- is a replica of what is happening in the asset”. This can only be achieved with Sensor Fusion technology.


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